How secure is BayElec + Nielson Nwrks?

All files are transferred across the network securely encrypted.

All files uploaded and temporarily stored on BayElec + Nielson Nwrks are held on equipment owned and operated at BayElec • Nielson Networks's own Data Centre.

All data is subject to BayElec • Nielson Networks's and the country's Data Protection regulations and laws.

BayElec + Nielson Nwrks is in no way a "cloud" service. Everything is stored (even temporarily) on equipment directly owned by BayElec • Nielson Networks, and managed by its own IT staff.

All access to data is very tightly and strictly controlled by BayElec • Nielson Networks. All accesses to data on BayElec + Nielson Nwrks are logged and can be easily checked if you are ever concerned that a 3rd party might have gained access to your data.

Furthermore, uploaded data is only held on BayElec + Nielson Nwrks for a maximum of 14 days, after which time it is automatically deleted. There is no "undelete" facility available at all. No backups are taken of the uploaded data (it's only a transitory stopping point), so no uploaded data ever moves off BayElec + Nielson Nwrks itself onto other equipment or media such as backup tapes. After an uploaded file has been deleted, there is no way of recovering the file.